40 DAYS is a brutally honest and inspiring story about Steve’s journey around Lake Michigan.  Covered by NPR/IPR, WGN and The Des Moines Register, it’s a story of dedication and determination, love and loss, and living in the moment. And most importantly, It’s an amazing story of what can happen when you push yourself farther than you ever thought was possible. ( Free e-Book Giveaway )

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Meet Author Steve Cannon

Steven Cannon
Adventurer, Author, Speaker

In Upside Down in the Yukon River, Steve's soon to release 2nd book, he shows us that the beauty of the journey is often more important than the outcome and that every failure brings us closer to success if we only allow ourselves to take that first step in the direction of our dreams. Whether it’s fighting to survive on the Yukon River or dealing with the day to day challenges we all face, Steve reminds us that nothing is beyond our grasp, if we only allow ourselves to dream BIG dreams.

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40 Days was Steve's debut as an author. What began as an exercise to help Steve recall all of the incredible moments and days of his historic run has now become a book. With fantastic reviews rolling in, his sophomore effort titled Upside Down in the Yukon River is nearly ready for release. We can't wait!