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DIY Fundraising

How To Eat An Elephant

An amazing course detailing how to take on any GIANT, SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU CHALLENGE and succeed.

Are you wanting to run your first 5k, marathon or loop a great lake??? Maybe it's a new business or perhaps a grand vacation you just can't seem to get started. This course will show the way!!!

Have you ever wanted to put on a race to raise money? Run across your home state or around Lake Michigan? The logistics involved cause many of us to stall out and eventually let our idea fall by the wayside.

In 2009 Steve became the second person to ever run across his home state of Iowa, raising nearly $3500 doing so. In 2012 he became the first person to EVER run around Lake Michigan averaging a marathon a day for forty straight days, raising over $30,000. In 2013 Steve created One Race Events and organized a cross country marathon relay that raised nearly $500,000. No matter what your idea, from a dog walk, to a dance marathon, from a 5k to a 1037 mile run, this course will walk you step by step through the process so that your great idea and fundraising goals become reality.