If you live in our wonderful state of Iowa, the chances are that you have heard of Steve Cannon. His adventures have helped raise nearly a million dollars for those in the Cancer fight. He is our marathon man. In 2009 he crossed our home state, running 292 miles in eleven days, the equivalent of a marathon a day. 2012 he became the first and still only person to circumnavigate Lake Michigan, a run of 1040 miles in 40 days. His book, 40 Days, is an inspiring, at times funny, and at times heartbreaking read.

-  Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds

Steve tells a story of inspiration, determination and love. He reminds us that nothing is out of reach, there is value found in emptying the tank and pushing the limits. A fantastic reminder of what's important and what is possible.

- Jenn Gibbons Executive Director Recovery on Water (ROW)

This book is a reflection on the author’s adventurous spirit.  His willingness to take on a seemingly impossible task to raise cancer awareness is commendable.  Cancer affects everyone.  It's an ugly topic with undesirable outcomes.  While most of us do nothing, the author puts one foot in front of the other to honor his friends and family that have been affected by this horrible disease. People like Steve show the rest of the world that allowing yourself to believe you are capable of extraordinary feats will yield extraordinary results.

-  Ben Garrett  Knapp Properties

40 Days" is the true story of one man's will, courage, and determination to complete an unthinkable task - be the first man to run around Lake Michigan. But it is so much more than just a diary of his daily triumphs and tribulations. It tells the stories of friends and family who inspired him, and it tells the stories of strangers who did just the same. Almost everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer; some still fighting, some who have won and some who have lost. This book shows us the motivation behind Steve's madness and reminds us that you can always take one more step.

-  Sarah Ensminger

Steve Cannon sums up many things about life, learning, dreams, adversity, love and finding our place in this world that we can call home with his 40 day 1037 mile run around Lake Michigan. I could not put the book down once I started to read it.

- Lisa Smith-Batchen, Dreamchaser Foundation,

2x Badwater Champion and Only American to win the Marathon Des Sables

Steve Cannon’s “40 Days” is more than just a gripping account of his remarkable journey around Lake Michigan on foot; it is a story of love, compassion, and loss and, finally, of the strength of the human spirit that allows all of us to accomplish great things, if only we believe we can. 

- Marshall Ulrich; Mountaineer, Adventure Racer,

Ultramarathon Runner and author of Running on Empty


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Do you enjoy inspiration?  Awe? Bravery? Compassion? Humor? And just wanting to hug a loved one?  If your answer to any of the above is "yes" then you must read this book. It will make you feel good in your heart and your soul.

- Sylvia Bork

I thought this was a book about running, but it was really a book about finding yourself. Steve shares how his running around Lake Michigan was less of a physical experience and more of a spiritual journey; and runners of all distances will enjoy it every step of the way.

- Rob Lindquist, founder of the RunIowa podcast

Steve Cannon and his book "40 Days" took me on a wild ride around Lake Michigan which I had never thought was possible. Full of insights about the road and the path we travel on, "40 Days" for me was more than just a quest to do something extraordinary, it was an adventure that took hold, buckled me in, and sent me spiraling in search of my own inspirations.

- Brad Lane Freelance writer Des Moines, Iowa

40 Days is a brutally honest and inspiring story about Steve's journey around Lake Michigan. It's a story of dedication and determination, love and loss, and living in the moment. And most importantly, It's an amazing story of what can happen when you push yourself farther than you ever thought was possible.

- Kristan Ensminger

What an engaging and inspiring journey into the mind, soul and heart of an adventurer. Steve is a gifted storyteller who reels you in one mile at a time leaving you wanting his journey to go on and on. It's one of those perspective changing books that leaves one feeling like anything is possible, even running around Lake Michigan. Well done!

- Michele Smith Jones