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Arrowhead 135

From the Arrowhead 135's Facebook page:

"Can't do anything about the weather....Be ready."

Starting in International Falls, MN and with temperatures frequently WELL below zero, the Arrowhead is 135-miles of frigid trail that puts racers to the ultimate test of endurance, grit, and cold weather survival. 

Click the map to drop in on Steve's GPS tracker and follow him on the trail!

The Finish Line - Steve Cannon
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"Hello, good morning everyone. I owe you and apology for leaving you hanging, but zombie finish line Steve completely forgot his last update. My frozen beard must have put a whammy on my brain.

But we accomplished the task at 2:08 am, fortunate enough to finish in the top ten!

Then ate, I think 43 gallons of tomato soup, 18 rolls, an entire box of saltine crackers, and then as is the custom passed out for an hour or two. But, then the body kinda doesn’t know what to do so I’m back up.

They say that nothing great is ever accomplished alone. I don’t know if I can take the liberty of saying that this was something great, but it sure was a big deal to me, and all your likes and comments, I don’t know that this would be much fun if it wasn’t for our tribe and the way we inspire each other.

I’m going to let you go now, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your support.

Till next time."

Surly - Checkpoint 3 - Steve Cannon
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“Hey everybody! Checking in from mile…oh…I think 110? Pretty close, I’m through the final checkpoint. My god that last checkpoint is just a SUFFERFEST! But here I am now, over the last hill.

Right now I’m looking at the…I don’t know, I think that’s the Big Dipper, yeah. What a beautiful sky! Ali Doyle, I think I’m on the last bridge, so a bridge shout out to you!

If all goes well and the trail holds, maybe three hours, and we’ll have this in the bag!

What a journey! Onwards!”

Melgeorge's - Checkpoint 2 - Steve Cannon
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"Melgeorge’s. Checkpoint 2.

The race gets serious from here, next 40 miles...40 hills, all climbing.

Feel pretty decent. One more checkpoint and I'm pointed towards home....whew...This race is a booger!

Alright, to everybody in the 907 and the 515, here we go!


Checkpoint #1 - Steve Cannon
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"Hey everybody! Checking in from the first checkpoint. So far, so good!

Somewhere in the top 10 which is great, it’s not too cold not too warm, which is also great. Trails are good, it’s warming up.

So, 40 miles to Melgeorge’s (checkpoint 2). The hills start soon! We’ll see how my mood is about 4 hours from now, but so far so good!

Thanks for coming along for the ride, Onwards!!"

2019 Arrowhead 135 Start - Steve Cannon
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"Good morning everybody! I’m going to step outside for a couple reasons. One, it’s noisy, and two it’s hot!

Just checked in with the GREAT volunteers here at the Arrowhead - I’ve got my number 17, my tracker is beeping, so all systems are go!

Hope ya’ll enjoy watching the blue dot, will try to do the 515 proud and the 907 as well! Thanks for all your support, it’s a beautiful morning - eight below, I think it’s actually going to get up to WAY warmer than we thought! Trail looks good so let’s do this! Will be checking in all day long so follow us at, and yeah, send lots of good mojo I’ll be able to feel it coming through that tracker!


Dream big dreams, Let’s go!!"

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