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Steve Cannon runs. He fat bikes, kayaks, and skis. We doubt he would call himself a runner, biker, kayaker, or skier, however. He would most likely refer to himself as an adventurer.


In 2016, Steve earned induction into the Order of the Hrimthurs, a select group of winter ultra-endurance athletes. He has run nearly 100 marathons and has taken on the world’s longest kayak race.


He has completed the Tuscobia Winter 150 twice on his fat bike. He has finished the Arrowhead 135 three times, and most recently did so "Unsupported" - meaning all food and water had to be carried from start to finish.

In 2004, he rode his bike to the starting line of the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon in South Dakota—beginning in Iowa—before running the marathon and continuing on another 1900 miles and 38 days.


He has completed over twenty RAGBRAIs, eight Gravel World Championships in Nebraska, four Ride-the-Rockies, and made it five times through the Dirty Kanza 200, earning a coveted “1000 Miles of Kanza” goblet in 2017 while also "beating the sun".


He was the second person to run the 292 miles across his home state of Iowa in 11 days (averaging a marathon distance each day) and is the first person ever to run around the great Lake Michigan, logging 1,037 miles in forty days - This pursuit also became his first book "40 Days", which you can download for free here.


Steve's most recent conquest was completing Jay Petervary's 200-Mile Fat Pursuit in West Yellowstone, Idaho. You can relive the journey and incredible fight to the finish (along with the rest of Steve's adventures this year) here.

In 2018 Steve completed the Iditarod Trail 350-mile bike race, and in 2019 he became the very first Iowan to complete the 1000-mile Iditarod Trail Invitational bike race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.

This historic race was documented in the movie '1000 Miles to Nome' which is available right here on Expand Your Possible.

You can also catch up on all of Steve's training and preparation for this endeavor on his YouTube channel. Click here to catch up, and subscribe while you're there to keep following along on future adventures!


These races and events are not just for fun. One of Steve's greatest passions is helping all of those who are in the fight against cancer. His adventures have raised nearly $700,000 for Livestrong, Camp Kesem, Above and Beyond Cancer, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

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