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Reach For The Stars

The Booneville Backroads Ultra is beautiful, punishing, exhausting, revealing, easy to quit...

Anything but flat.

There are official finish lines in this race - 50K, 100K, 100-Mile. But, somewhere between those there are personal finish lines that are just as important. And that’s why this race exists. To provide an opportunity to go as far as you can go.

The number one goal, be that in this race or in life is: Did you do all you could do?

Experience the miles through the eyes and hearts of those reaching for the everything they’ve got as they attempt to answer 'YES I DID' to that question.


1000 Miles to Nome

1000 Miles...

Of grueling and unforgiving terrain.

Of wolf and bear tracks reminding you that you are not the king in this place.

Of unimaginable and humbling beauty.

Of unpredictable weather that tests even the most seasoned adventurer.

Of isolation and self reflection.

Of constantly fighting, reaching, crossing, and expanding both mental and physical limits.

1000 Nome.

In 2019, Steve Cannon became the very first Iowan to finish the Iditarod Trail 1000-mile bike race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. And now, you can experience the journey for yourself in '1000 Miles to Nome',

The new adventure documentary available from Expand Your Possible and Summit Media


Down the Kuskokwim

Directed by David Mable/Summit Media in partnership with Expand Your Possible Productions.

Follow runners and fat bikers as they take on the sub-zero temperatures, frozen rivers and the Alaska Range on their way along the Iditarod Trail for more than 300 miles from Anchorage to McGrath, Alaska in 2019.

This is the 2nd award winning adventure documentary for Summit Media and Expand Your Possible Productions.

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