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Upside Down in the Yukon

Adventure sports changed his life. The Race to the Midnight Sun nearly ended it. Upside Down in the Yukon is an inspiring true story about Steve Cannon's experience in the World's Longest Kayak Race.  By Steve Cannon

4o Days

A marathon a day, every day, for 40 days. 40 Days is a brutally honest and inspiring story about Steve’s historic 40-day, 1,037-mile run around Lake Michigan. By Steve Cannon



Reach For The Stars

The Booneville Backroads Ultra is beautiful, punishing, exhausting, revealing, easy to quit...

Anything but flat. Runtime: 62 Min. With Steve Cannon and Jeff Corcoran.  Director David Mable

1000 Miles to Nome

Follow the athletes on the trail as they attempt to conquer the iconic Iditarod Trail in Alaska, and fight for 1000 Nome. And now, you can experience the journey for yourself in '1000 Miles to Nome', 110 Min. Director David Mable & Steve Cannon


Down the Kuskokwim

Follow runners and fat bikers as they take on the sub-zero temperatures, frozen rivers and the Alaska Range on their way along the Iditarod Trail for more than 300 miles from Anchorage to McGrath, Alaska in 2019. 25 Min. Director David Mable

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