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March 21st

The best laid plans... - Steve Cannon
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Good evening everyone.

The bad news is, as I thought I was home free heading toward Topcock cabin, the route went over land and the 20-30 mph wind that was pushing me...closed the trail.


But, the good news is that I made friends with a pair of mushers from Denmark a week ago, and our paths crossed in White Mountain. So, I turned around to their camp on the river where I’m now sharing dinner with them, and I have my bivy set up outside.


Very fortuitous because the next 20 miles of trail will be mostly blown shut tomorrow. But I will walk, jog, push, maybe even ride slowly behind them and the dogs and get through this next 20 mile section to Topcock cabin.


Perhaps, depending on conditions, I'll stay with them again tomorrow night, and with any luck push for Nome the following day.
The adventure continues!

Determination - Steve Cannon
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Good evening everyone.
With tears of gratitude filling my goggles, I’m at Topcock cabin. After walking 20 miles through an absolute brutal winter storm through the Alaska high country.

I was within a thread of calling in a rescue. It was only through the names on that bicycle and your wishes coming through that tracker that I can say...Tomorrow. I WILL see that finish.

"For friends, for family, for Iowa, and for cancer fighters everywhere. This ride is for a lot of reasons, and I carry each and every one of them with me out on the trail."

Steve Cannon

This journey is to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Click here to learn more and make a donation

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