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March 3rd

My bike is covered with the names of cancer survivors and fighters. There are too many names on this bike, let's change that together.
A Wager. - Steve Cannon
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Good afternoon, I’m just past Ophir, under mostly sunny skies, and for you blue dot watchers you can see I’m not walking and that’s a real blessing! This part of the trail is typically terribly gnarly but we’ve caught a hell of a break. More about that later. 

For now I need your help. Gee and Haw, my buddies – my beaver mittens, just bet me that we couldn’t raise $50,000 in 24 hours. And I said, you know what Gee? You know what Haw? I’ll take that bet! 

So we need to come up with a game plan and I think I’ve got one. My sister Angi is going to post a link where you can just click and make your donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

To pull this off, and to prove Gee and Haw wrong, we can’t just have you donate. We need to have you go onto Facebook and challenge or invite the 10 people that you know who have had cancer affect their life, and who you can count on to make a donation. 

I figure that 500 $100 donations, and we’re there! And man, that means that if only 100 of the people that listen to this or see this on Facebook click that link, we’re going to raise $50,000 in one damn night for all the people fighting this stupid frickin disease!

So, if you’ll go on and make your donation and then challenge your friends to do the same, let’s raise $50,000 and show the world what this tribe is capable of! 100% of it goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, it’s tax deductible and all that good stuff, and at the end of the night we can all raise our hands together in triumph that we did a hell of a thing. Something that Gee and Haw thought was impossible. 

I hope you can help me out, I’d hate to have to pay these suckers off, you don’t want to know the bet…
Love you all! Onwards!


"For friends, for family, for Iowa, and for cancer fighters everywhere. This ride is for a lot of reasons, and I carry each and every one of them with me out on the trail."

Steve Cannon

This journey is to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Click here to learn more and make a donation

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