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February 25th

Yentna Station Check In - Steve Cannon
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Good morning everyone, from Yentna Station, overlooking the Yentna River, and the sun starting to come up.


It got quite cold over the course of the evening – 20 below. Pulled in here about midnight, got some food - It’s a real challenge to go as slow as what it feels like I need to go for a journey of this distance but, we are headed down the river to see what today brings. It’ll be nice to get two, or three, or four days under my belt and start to find my way here.

But, so far so good. Hopefully you all will have a wonderful day as well. We’ll check in later this evening when day 2 is done.


106 Miles In - Steve Cannon
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Why I Ride

Good evening everyone from underneath an incredible, clear starry sky at Shell Lake, Alaska.
Mile – approximately 106. Our journey is 10% to the good, which is super exciting! 

It was a great day. Sun shining all day, and the trails were fantastic. 48-50 miles, it was just great to hit the river and put the past day and a half behind us, and really start to feel like we’re in the adventure. 

We’re into the mountains now, tomorrow we’ll make our way to Rainy Pass Lodge. Hopefully get there toward the end of the day where we’ll EAT as much as we possibly can for dinner AND breakfast.
Then on the other side of Rainy Pass Lodge, Rainy Pass itself awaits…which can be a real bugger. It gave me the fist fight of my life here last year, but all is well. 

My challenge would be, to celebrate this 106 miles - that all of us who have someone in the cancer fight would go to our store and click on the fundraising link and put either $10.66 or $106 towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society so that we don’t have to deal with these stupid life shortening diseases.

Today’s ride was in honor of two very dear friends, Jill Blackwood and Kathy Wennihan, who both just very recently lost their lives to this damn disease. So, let’s do what we can to make that a thing of the past.

Tomorrow we head to Rainy Pass Lodge, Onwards!

"For friends, for family, for Iowa, and for cancer fighters everywhere. This ride is for a lot of reasons, and I carry each and every one of them with me out on the trail."

Steve Cannon

This journey is to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Click here to learn more and make a donation

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