3:18 AM. The alarm goes off.

It seemed such a challenge just weeks ago. Something to fight and rebel against.

But not today. Today I flipped the switch. The moment it changed was the moment that I decided to see it as an opportunity. Something to be looked forward to, like the unwrapping of a gift. Once I chose to see the opportunity, ease followed.

In a world that is so very busy, with our bodies AND our minds in constant motion: running here, then there, back to here, and then over there again...3:18 in the morning provides




It is a time when the world stands still, if only for a few moments. Pausing in the break between night and day.

How much time in your life is yours. Truly YOURS. Time without interruption from anything or anyone? Is there even one continuous minute where it is just you with you?

No cars passing by. No coffee to be made…yet. No Facebook to be checked. No news to be read. No emails to be sent. No kids to get ready. No small talk to be made. No dog to be walked…

For most of us, the answer is “No. From the time I wake, till the time I sleep, something is always going on. Somebody else always needs something from me."

3:18 AM. The alarm goes off.

And on some days now, I actually wake just a moment before. It's as if the best parts of me are now taking charge. Eager for this time where it's just me and all of existence sharing time.



The day to day lifestyle I lead, that at times feels like a dog chasing its own tail, most certainly keeps me busy. But does it make me happy?

Am I more peaceful today?

More evolved today?

A better version of myself than I was yesterday?

Or have I just kicked my can a bit further down the road?

3:18 AM tomorrow. The alarm will go off…

And rolling over just slightly to the right when I turn it off, I'll be smiling.

A communion with creation waits.

A new day.

And hopefully, a new, slightly better version of myself.

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