December 7th, 2018 - The White Mountains

My first solo ride into the Alaska back-country

The goal was Caribou Bluff Cabin, but 11 more miles wasn’t to be. To my surprise and slight dismay, it looked like some moose tracks and what I believe to be my own foot holes from the week before was the only action the trail has seen.

There has also been a few inches of fresh snow these past 4-5 days. With no traffic that makes a soft trail, and a soft trail is a slow trail. Time, however, I have plenty of.

"Fast, slow, long, short"- these are words of the mind that here serve only as comparison markers, which are dangerous.

"Progress" should be the only word that matters, and if one can enjoy that in its simplicity then this is a place for such a person.

Not one person on this planet knows my exact whereabouts. When, if ever, have you been able to say that? I have, just a very few times, and never in Alaska.

I left word of my plans, and if things went astray, eventually I’d be found.

At this moment though, it’s just me, this one match crackling fire, and my thoughts.

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