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March 11th

The Yukon River - Day 2 - Steve Cannon
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Good evening everyone! I guess I should say, good morning? It would be 4 o’clock...oh my goodness 5 o’clock back home. Monday morning I’s 2 o’clock now.

Oh...what a day. 
67 miles in...14 hours I think, of endless stretches of open water, too many storms to count, a driving rain storm, an incessant headwind...

The Yukon River I promise you has no soul. But it has been beaten this day an I am on dry land. God it feels so good. What a scary place. What a scary place...

I don’t even know how far I am. Everything that I have has been put into the last two days on The Yukon River. So I’ll sleep tonight, do laundry in the morning, get myself reset, and refueled.

"For friends, for family, for Iowa, and for cancer fighters everywhere. This ride is for a lot of reasons, and I carry each and every one of them with me out on the trail."

Steve Cannon

This journey is to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Click here to learn more and make a donation

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