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Jay P's Fat Pursuit


The Fat Pursuit is a 200-mile winter bike race through the mountainous Idaho back country near Yellowstone Park.

All necessary gear is carried on the bike. Cold and snow are guaranteed...a well-groomed trail is not.

Jay P's Fat Pursuit - Jan 10, 2020

Not every race ends with a finish line...

You never know what Mother Nature is going to throw your way at the Fat Pursuit, and this year was no exception. About 3 1/2 hours into the race, the conditions were deteriorating quickly and Steve made the decision to turn around rather than keep going and get stuck in the mountains during a snow storm.

Not finishing did not get Steve down however, he spent the rest of the weekend catching up with friends, cheering on other racers still out on the trail, and getting ready for the next big challenge this year - the Arrowhead 135!



Jay P's Fat Pursuit 2019

The Finish Line. - Steve Cannon
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The Finish Line.

"Hello everybody, this is my last check in.

We made it. That’s all I got, other than thank you. Big thank yous to Angi for all the updates, to Michele who traveled out here just to be at the finish, and to all of you for all of your messages.

There'll be more later, goodnight from the Fat Pursuit"

Saturday Night's Snowfall
Snow Accumulation Sunday Morning
Check in from the Man Cave - Stever Cannon
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Final check point - The Man Cave!

"Hello everybody from checkpoint 5...or 3 or whatever the hell number it is! It’s the last checkpoint! The Man Cave!! Oh my god they just fed us. Ahhhh it was sooooo great!

Mother Nature is just taking dead aim at us this year. We just spent the last, oh I don’t know it had to be two or three hours pushing across open land. With the five or six inches of snow we got last night it took, I don’t know... two or three hours to go two or three miles...but what a worthy challenge!

25-miles to go and we can put this bad boy to bed! I can’t wait to hear the stories last night, Two-Top the actually be here with only 25-miles to go really is quite remarkable so we’re going to get this thing underway.

I have no idea how long it’s going to take, it’s still sleeting or, I don’t know what you call this stuff but, here we go, one last time.


Weather and trail conditions worsening


"Good evening everybody...actually I should say good morning, it’s 2:30 in Idaho.

...That may be the toughest day I’ve ever spent on a bicycle—the push up and over Mt. Two-Top...was some of the steepest stuff I’ve...ugh...I can’t describe it it’d be worthless...

Anyway that’s...8:30 to 2:30? I don’t know I can’t do the math...

Nature just ripped us on the top of the mountain, what an adventure...But we made it over the mountain. HUGE accomplishment.

We’re maybe 40 miles from the finish but it’s hard to say what tomorrow will hold. It’s snowing so hard, so we’ll check the trail conditions in the morning.

Gawd I’d love to be able to finish this thing...


Mt. Two-Top - Steve Cannon
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Warmer than it looks...
The Reward.
Checkpoint #2 and Pepsi - Steve Cannon
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West Yellowstone, Checkpoint #2, and a Pepsi

"Hey everybody, wow. Checkpoint 2, West Yellowstone…made it. Good gawd what a slog! It looks soooo downhill on the map and it’s just not. Snowmobiles really did a number on the trail too.

But! The hardest part of the race is behind me now, and I promised myself a Pepsi when I got here, and I’m about to do really mean things to that Pepsi. Then I get to go get my drop bag and get put back together.

This is about how I expected to feel- …Well, maybe not quite like this…But some food and a little downtime will do a ton of good.

The next big hit is Two-Top. It’s the last big climb, it’s at mile 145 and I’m at 120. So, not to say anything is in the bag, but if I can get my ass over that Two-Top then, man chances look really good. That’s the mountain that turned me away last year so, hope I can get over that sucker.

But for now, a Pepsi."

Morning Views
Check in #4, Saturday Morning - Steve Cannon
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Saturday morning check in after a good night's rest

"Good morning everyone! Depending on where you are maybe it’s a good afternoon.

I have reached the 100 mile mark which is the top of one beast of a climb. I spent the night out at mile 92 - dug a nice little trench off the side of the road, threw my sleeping bag down, don’t know how much sleep I got. Probably more than I think, but heart was racing pretty good after 16 hours of riding, and I think I was up somewhere around 8,000ft/7,500ft so…

But, a beautiful morning here! And I’m about to get a biiiiig descent and then into West Yellowstone. It’s still a little chilly but it’s going to be a beautiful day.

With the chill in the air I’m not reading any of my text messages. If you listened to my last check in then you’ll know why J

To West Yellowstone!!!!!"

5 Star Accomodations

Last check in for the day - Almost to the first checkpoint

"Hello everybody!

It’s 11:20 here in Idaho, I’m somewhere around mile 70. I’ve just gotten out of the first mountain section...Holy was a climb to get up and over that sucker but recovered nicely on the descent.

I’m 6-8 miles from the water boil now where I’ll be able to get some soup and get this horse refueled. And it just so happens I turned on my phone and it was flooded with text messages.

You all should know it’s quite dangerous to make someone cry in freezing cold temperatures.

Now my eyelids are frozen open. Ya’ll are the best.

I don’t know what the rest of the night holds, I’m going to get to you by water boil and get some soup and then figure out where I’ll lay my head. I’d love to get a bit of the next climb out of the way, bivey maybe up on top and then roll in to West Yellowstone with the sunrise, but we’ll see.

All in all this is the hardest section, and recovered nicely on the descent so, all systems go!

Kevin Mooreland, this one’s for you brother.


Closing in on the first checkpoint! - Steve Cannon
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First Checkpoint/Water Boil
Trail Check In - Steve Cannon
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Check in #3 from the trail

"Hello everybody!

I just made the climb out of Mesa Falls – which is a real booger!!! One of the more significant climbs, it’s about a mile down to these falls which I’ll share a picture of after the race. But anyways that’s 34 miles *garbled*, good conditions, and just trying to be patient and let the race come to me.

In another three or four miles we’ll head into the mountains and then the real race begins. Hopefully I’ll have some reception, so I can check in up higher on the mountain.

So far, so good! Onwards!!"

What's in your frame bag???
20 Minutes To GO TIME - Steve Cannon
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20 Minutes till GO TIME

"Hey everybody it’s 18 minutes before the gun goes bang!

I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been in better shape or more ready to go. I certainly feel at peace with all the work that’s been done and can’t wait to get out on the trail and learn all the lessons that are taught when you put yourself out there.

So follow the blue dot, enjoy the new website, and a HUGE thanks to all of you for all of your support!

Here’s to ALL of your dreams and what is going to be the biggest and best year for us all.

See you on the other side!"

Pre-Race Check In - Steve Cannon
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Pre-race check in

"Good morning everyone, checking in from the Fat Pursuit.

It’s a little after 6:00AM, going to get some food in me and then hopefully be able to steal a few more hours sleep to bank as much calories and sleep time as I can. The race starts at noon, so hopefully that’ll let me push way into the evening and get a good chunk of the race done before maybe grabbing some sleep somewhere out on the hill.

Almost go time, excited to get this thing started and will be checking in throughout the race.

Thanks for all the support, have a great day! Talk to you soon!"

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