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Wagin Mound NM. The Clue Beast starts smoking. Mistakenly self diagnosed (bad idea, I don't know shit about vehicles) as a water leak. Turns out to be the diesel fuel line leaking.

Sit in median of interstate 100 degrees waiting on a tow back to Raton. Home to 1000 never ending tapping ankle biter dogs. 2 days to fix. Camp in the auto shop. Make the most of it with a couple runs thru town, keeping an eye out for yapping mutts, followed by flipping tires.

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Nick Fisher
Nick Fisher
06. Aug. 2020

Hello Steve just checking is the blue beast tranny fixed or fried. If you are stuck on Los Osos for a few days come visit us in Oxnard be glad to put you up . You are amazing wish we could have had more time to visit

Nick and Jennie the Fishers

805 340 9116

Gefällt mir
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